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I run papermaking workshops in schools and colleges adapting the content to suit all age groups, abilities and special needs.  


Making handmade paper is a traditional craft that goes back to the invention of paper in China at the start of the 2nd century. It is a technique that is quick to grasp and with the equipment that I have developed it is easy for children to accomplish and get instant satisfying results.

Taking a variety of waste papers and separating them into colourways they can be turned into pulps to make colourful, textured recycled papers without adding dyes. These sheets can then be decorated with other reused materials and natures finds such as: red onion skins, crayon sharpenings, flower petals, plant seeds, tea leaves, feathers, ribbons and stamps. 



I can incorporate other techniques into a workshop session such as pulp collage where a thicker pulp is applied onto a cloth to form pictures or designs and web weaving where yarn is wrapped around a framework and dipped into the pulp creating a web like effect when dried.                   


Recycled papermaking is both fun and educational and can be incorporated into many areas of the curriculum for example science, art, history, design & technology. It is a good example of promoting sustainability and linking to environmental issues.    

For further enquiries

If you would like further information and prices for papermaking workshops please get in touch - my details are on the Contacts Page.