I offer a range of workshops either in my studio or at other venues and suitable for all ages, abilities and stages. I can introduce you to a wide range of techniques such as: making colourful and textural recycled papers; experimenting with plant papers; paper pulp collage; dipped woven structures; incorporating textiles in papermaking; handmade paper books.

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Group workshops

If you would like to book a day workshop for a group I am happy to travel to a suitable venue bringing all my equipment and materials with me. I will tailor the workshop to meet your interests and needs.

Private workshops

I can provide private workshops in my studio for up to 4 participants for either a half or full day. I am happy to do one to one teaching which is particularly helpful as an introduction to papermaking or for more specialist techniques. You can also celebrate your 1st wedding anniversary together by making paper!

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Specialist groups

I offer workshops to specialist groups of people with disabilities and special needs tailoring the session to meet the abilities of the participants. Papermaking is sensory, calming and therapeutic: the gentle stirring of the pulp, the feel of the warm water, working with the sponge, decorating the paper with textured and scented materials. It also gives a quick and fulfilling result.

I have worked with visually impaired young people, children with behavioural challenges and adults with mental health issues and varying physical disabilities.

School workshops

I run papermaking workshops in pre-schools, schools, and colleges adapting the content to suit all age groups, abilities and special needs. Making handmade paper is a traditional craft that goes back to the invention of paper in China at the start of the 2nd century. It is important to keep it alive and for children to understand the process of making paper. The technique is quick to grasp and with the equipment that I have developed it is easy for children to accomplish and get instant satisfying results.

Taking a variety of waste papers and separating them into colourways for processing they can be turned into pulps to make colourful, textured recycled papers without adding dyes. These sheets can then be decorated with other reused materials and natures finds such as: red onion skins, crayon sharpenings, flower petals, plant seeds, tea leaves, feathers, ribbons and stamps.

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